Open winch overhead cranes

In addition, we usually offer open winch process cranes by leveraging our many years of experience and products from world-class solution providers such as DEMAG, Konecranes, STAHL, ……etc, in response to requirements for maximum efficiency, extremely high reliability, or advanced technology and sometimes for compliance of certain standards in the specific industry.

Technical data:

  • Load capacity up to 250ton
  • Span up to 40m
  • Lift speed up to 80m/min
  • Cross travel speed up to 60m/min
  • Long travel speed up to 120m/min
  • Duty Classification Up to CMAA Class F, or GB A8

The open winch cranes are made to last with heavy-duty use every day, and often tailored to meet the specific needs of production process, such as the following process cranes in each industry:

Metal production:

  • Ladle handling crane
  • Charging crane
  • Slab and billet handling crane (rolling mills)
  • Coil and plate handling crane (Storage)
  • Scrap handling crane

Waste management and recycling

  • Waste handling crane (waste to incineration)
  • Biomass crane
  • Sludge handling crane
  • Slag handling crane
  • Straw bale handling crane

Pile and pole production

  • Steel mold handling crane
  • Concrete pile/pole handling crane