Suspension crane

Technical data:

  • Load capacity up to 16t
  • Span up to 25m
  • Lift speed up to 12.5m/min, depends on selected hoist Cross travel speed up to 30m/min
  • Long travel speed up to 40m/min

The suspension crane is a very good option for the handling in a column free space, or in a low hall, or in the case of large building spans, such as a hangar.

The single girder suspension crane requires very little space and runs on the bottom flange of the runway, which is mounted on roof beams or directly on the ceiling.  Meanwhile, the distance between the load hook and sidewall is extremely small, which make it possible to utilize almost full width of a building.

The multiple runway suspension cranes is an efficient solution to bridge large building spans with total width more than 90m. By means of interlocking system and latching devices for trolley transfer, various working areas therefore can be interlinked together. A rotating trolley is even an advance option to optimize the use of the available space.